Guide and Protection Systems

Maximum safety, easy installation and manipulation.

Guide & Protection Systems



    The CITYBLOC® system impresses with state-of-the-art technology, unique features and sets new standards in safety technology. The system is based on the experience of DELTABLOC® road restraint systems. The patented coupling system is also part of the CITYBLOC® system. Screwless connections not only allow for easy installation, the self-contained chain also provides for additional safety. The extensive range of fittings for the attachment of various traffic signs and fence elements completes the product range for more safety.


    Screwless, patented element connection
    based on the proven DELTABLOC® coupling system



    Proven New-Jersey profile
    for rebound and deflection and maximum safety upon impact



    Stability and safety
    thanks to elastomer support



    Drainage and cable ducting
    thanks to cross and full-length longitudinal openings



    Many railing solutons
    for appealing designs



    45° and 90° corner elements
    for small-scale safeguards offering maximum safety



    Many plug-in options
    for traffic signs and common road equipment accessories



    Integrated steel loops
    for easy lifting and moving



    Space-saving stacking
    storage and transport also stacked crosswise


    High-quality concrete
    guarantees frost and de-icing salt resistance and increases lifespan

    Smooth surface
    for a pleasing appearance and dirt-repellent and easy to clean surface


    EN 1317-2 tested CITYBLOC® elements
    are marked with the symbol "T1"


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