Tested safety in urban traffic management

Different road users - one traffic area

Tested Safety

    The new CITYBLOC®, successfully tested in accordance with the strict requirements of EN 1317-2, ensures even greater safety in public, commercial and industrial areas.

    DELTABLOC® guide and protection system and their extensive fittings are used along construction sites, cycle paths, at stops and loading zones, airports, railway stations and ports

    EN 1317 road restraint systems

    The EN 1317 is divided into 8 parts, part 2 defines the performance classes. The classification is based on three criteria: the containment level, the working width and occupant safety.

    CITYBLOC® - crash tested in accordance with EN 1317

    DELTABLOC® sets new standards here. True to the company motto PROTECTING LIVES IS OUR MOTIVATION, the new generation of CITYBLOC® systems now guarantees maximum safety.

    CITYBLOC® CB 240 is the first road restraint system for urban traffic areas that has been successfully crash tested in accordance wit EN 1317-2:

    • Containment level: T1
    • Test speed: 80km/h
    • Angle of impact:
    • Working width: W1 with WN = 0.5m

    This means that the CITYBLOC® chain shifts by a macimum of only 12cm. At a speed of 50km/h, the calculatory displacement is only 6cm!