Versatile and Modular safety in Urban Traffic

Developed for many kinds of applications


    CITYBLOC® systems sustainably and efficiently minimise the risk for all road users. They not only separate pedestrians and cyclists safely from motorised traffic, but also make it easy to signal danger spots thanks to their extensive fittings.

    The new CITYBLOC® generation is the first system on the market to be crash tested and tested in accordance with the strict requirements of EN 1317-2.

    Construction Site Safety

    In urban environments, construction sites often pose a high accident potential. CITYBLOC® systems protect both road users and construction workers.

    This system is particularly suitable for protecting small areas. Special curve radii allow fl exible adaptation to local conditions. CITYBLOC® TMB has been developed for easy and safe signalling of danger spots. The special shape allows easy attachment of various traffi c equipment and signs.

    Traffic flows

    With CITYBLOC® elements and the extensive range of fi ttings, cycling and walking paths as well as pedestrian zones can be safely separated from motorised traffi c. This reduces the risk of accidents for all road users.

    CITYBLOC® also offers the right solution for managing parking spaces and public transport stops with products that separate these areas from the fl ow of traffi c and protect more vulnerable road users.

    Stationary traffic

    In stationary traffic, there are numerous applications for CITYBLOC®. Both in parking lots as well as in commercial and industrial areas, they are used for demarcation or as safeguards.

    Storage areas and loading zones, danger spots, embankments and green areas as well as plot and access roads can be separated safely and individually. At events, airports, freight yards and ports, CITYBLOC® guarantees maximum safety.